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Hi, I am understanding a student point of view about taking a Internship or Industrial training which is compulsory in some of the Junior and Senior Degree in our Educational structure. See there is
four type of students are present in today scenario.
In my Perception Students are like

  • Aggressive
  • Modest
  • Lazy 
  • Under Dogs
1)Aggressive  : By Aggressive I mean to say that when a student  approached toward Placement process in his own college or Any open Campus , He/She will well Prepared his qualities and appear as a gem in the Eye of Interviewer and Got Selected in his first attempt. These Kind of Students are well equipped with Intelligence with Talent. They are sometime strong enough to educate themselves without any pre-Training.
2)Modest: Some Students are belong to these categories because they are aware of there own capabilities  and they will rectified there own loose holes. i.e they will take some training and become a good student in the view of there faculty and some interviewers.

3)Lazy: The Word Lazy defines itself , Some students are Such Lazy that they join any Training in the Last moment and they want to compete with above two categories students. Which may lead to some success or some failure in there performance. Lazy Students are Majorly belongs to Backbenchers in there Class.

4)Under-Dogs:These Category is the most common category in among above all. i.e. When we treat a student to its category we measure there educational qualification , there presence of mind , there behavior and there performance in the Class but these category students are our most targeted students.

Because whenever a Student is a under-dog in his class then there-ever a Bill Gates Comes from them and become a legend. WE respect all students but love these type of student who will not supported by there faculty and always disrespect by there fellow students because of there lack of knowledge 
and marks in some exams.

Come to us and we will provide you the Best possible Guidance and support for your technical and practical training during the Internship and Industrial training. Don't Hesitate and become a part of our institute and we ensure you about your capabilities and perform special task for your overall growth.

We will Pay Special Attention for Students whose Technical Background is somehow Low, We will ensure you that we can provide you the best practical knowledge in the software industry and we become your mentor in your success .

Come and Join us for your Secured future in the Field of PHP, Java and Android. We will providing the Live Project training (Actual Web-server and Domain Name ) to all of our Students and We encourage the Student by providing Self Maintained Website for him.    

Join us Now !!

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Author: Vikas Agrawal
Vikas Agrawal is a CEO and Founder Of Vinayak Informatics Systems. Read More →

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