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How to increase Seoul factor in wordpress

Hello readers

Today i reveal (technically not) the major factor which can help your wordpress website or blog to jump in SERP leads to get better audiences and great earning.

Steps to get better SEO in Wordpress Website

* install yoast Breadcumb plugin

*install wp-pageNavi plugin

*add tagging if not available

php the_tags()

*add CSS Compress plugin

*add all in one wordpress SEO plugin

*Add SEO friendly images plugin

*Add broken link checker plugin

*add Wp-DB-Backup Plugin

*Wp Super cache plugin

*change your permalink setting

Select custom structure

Then write %postname%.html

Add all above plugin in your own website or blog on wordpress platform and see your SEO increase automatically

Must share your views or suggestions !
Author: Vikas Agrawal
Vikas Agrawal is a CEO and Founder Of Vinayak Informatics Systems. Read More →

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