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Become Open Source Web Developer

We at Vinayak Informatics always try to bring something new for our Trainees, and we are providing great level of skills in website technologies and Mobile technologies.

Now we are providing Training on Bootstrap a Comprehensive Framework which works on CSS3 and which is the need of present Job profile across the globe. We are having Corporate Trainers who will trained you to get full working experience of CSS3 and Responsive Web templates.

best training in indore
Now days nobody wants just a good looking websites , he/she also wants to get a website which is responsive and mobile friendly. So if you are a developer or wanna be Developer in any technology  like DotNet , JAVA or any open Source Technology like PHP,Python,Ruby on Rails etc and you want to become expert in UI design then these Training module is for you

feel Free for Contacting us and Take some Advice for any query related to CSS3 |Bootstrap|CI|PHP|Node.js!!

We are providing Training on CSS3 at our Indore Center

you can Visit us at

Vinayak Informatics
309, Sundaram Complex , Near Tower Square
Above CANARA bank ,Indore

Call us at : 9993253336 
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Learn and become a Master in PHP-Java-Dotnet

Hi, I am understanding a student point of view about taking a Internship or Industrial training which is compulsory in some of the Junior and Senior Degree in our Educational structure. See there is
four type of students are present in today scenario.
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How to increase Seoul factor in wordpress

Hello readers

Today i reveal (technically not) the major factor which can help your wordpress website or blog to jump in SERP leads to get better audiences and great earning.

Steps to get better SEO in Wordpress Website

* install yoast Breadcumb plugin

*install wp-pageNavi plugin

*add tagging if not available

php the_tags()

*add CSS Compress plugin

*add all in one wordpress SEO plugin

*Add SEO friendly images plugin

*Add broken link checker plugin

*add Wp-DB-Backup Plugin

*Wp Super cache plugin

*change your permalink setting

Select custom structure

Then write %postname%.html

Add all above plugin in your own website or blog on wordpress platform and see your SEO increase automatically

Must share your views or suggestions !
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Industrial training |Summer Training |6 week training CS IT EC


If you are pursuing BE in CS IT EC or you are pursuing MCA degree or MSc CS IT then Industrial training of 6 weeks or 6 month is a compulsory part of degree in which you are about to learn Basics of software industrial culture . When you take internship project training or industrial training you are able to work in a professional environment with a certain ease. Do you training on the technology you are most interested topic like PHP |JAVA |DOTNET |Database administration |SEO |etc. But keep focus on your own carrier in these training timeperiod. Choose wisely your mentors and becomes a expert in your technology . These will lead you to a great carrier l

Join us and becomes a expert in your technology .

Join Vinayak Informatics Indore office

Call 9993253336

Happy learning !!
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Get premium True Caller Account for free


We know that True Caller worlds most successful open telephone directory is need of almost every smart phone

We get it free from leading market place

But free version of TC allow to view profiles of incoming number

But if we want to see who have viewed our own profile then we need its premium account

Which cost around 15* dollars /year

Now you can save it

Follow these step

*Download the latest version of True Caller

*goto the search bar and type


That's it

You got one year true Caller premium account for free

Try it before it gone "!"
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Php training with industrial course in Indore

Php training with industrial course in Indore

Do you want to get a industrial training experience with your degree ?
If yes then you should get a review on vinayak informatics industrial training program on Php training in Indore for your own self exposure to the real world software industry

You will get the complete experience in long term Php course which is about 5 month
After which you are capable of getting job easily in the software industry in all over the world

We teach you the minute details about the complete experience of software building techniques which Is helps you to get a edge over a software enginer who have 6 month experience

Which leads you to get a proper job in your first job attempt.

We leads you to get a proper website designing methodology which is followed by the software industry professional in the real world.

Our Php training program is followed by industry professional who want to change there professional life i.e. Many professional would have to learn Php for there own industry needs.

So if you want to become a software enginer with PHP back ground please contact us at


Have a good day
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Industrial training courses for jobs

Industrial training courses for jobs

All of the engineering students either of bachelor degree like BE (CS IT Ec) or master degree like MCA MSC have to undergoes the industrial training for there major training for reporting in there last year to get the industrial exposures and get trained on industrial language like php java dotnet python Ruby etc

These training consist of exposure to
Client interaction
Understanding client needs
Covering all aspect of client needs and software limitation
Making a proposal for them
Converting there paper draft into logical algorithms
Converting algorithms into software programs
Debug the software programs
Present the software programs to client for their approvals
Deliverd the software
Maintain relationship with client

If a industrial trainee undergoes all of above steps then he is capable of doing a great job in IT industry

Join vinayak informatics for a real industrial training project programs to achieve great company

Good luck

Call 9993253336
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Website Designing Courses in Indore for job

Hi Visitors
Do you want to become a successful web designer and get a job in web designing filed in software company

You have to understand

What is website designing?

Web designing is consist of


Language like dotnet java php etc

For more information
Call us at 9993253336

Join vinayak informatics for

Best website Design courses in Indore for job
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Jobs for CS-IT-EC In Software Industry How to

Every one Want to get a job in Software Industry when he or she completed his degree of BE or MCA or BCA or B.Sc with computer.
But reality is that when ever a fresher went to a company and give his interview for job

90% companies want Experience Candidate for job in

Then every fresher candidate always think "how can a fresher become Experienced without proper exposure in IT industry ?"

Answer is simple when a fresher want to become Experience then he have to take a step ahead


Just start your own software project or website without proper knowledge

With the help of proper guidance with any professional Mentor

These will help you to get exposure in all aspect of software website development

Please ensure that you just have created atleast two or more website or software with your own idea then you go to crack your interview.

We are ensure you that your interview success rate becomes high that average candidate ***

Join Vinayak informatics for better interview calls and jobs in Software field

Call 9993253336
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Best Eduaction Hub in Indore PHP Java Dotnet

Indore is developing as a major education hub in central India So many students comes form different parts of the country to get quality education.

Indore is becoming a IT Center now because Tech Giants like INFOSYS,TCS already acquire Land and start there foundation for taking there business to the central part. So the IT students need to acquire a   great knowledge of C/C++, OOPS , JAVA ,DOTNET , PHP .

So all the New students Our advice to you is to get Proper Knowledge and practical training for these courses We  at Vinayak informatics try to provide trainees full practical training rather than theoretical approach.

Join Vinayak Informatics Pratical Training for Freshers for Java PHP Dotnet 
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